If you are a home or business owner, chances are that at some point you have experienced problems with sewage. It may be plugged and over-flowing toilet, a plugged drain system, tree roots in a pipe or related issues. In such instances, there are two problems. The first is to correct the cause of the issue and the second is to clean up the sewage spill. Are you looking for sewage cleanup services Costa Mesa area professionals? If you need help with sewage issues in Southern California, Tweedy Plumbing & Restoration is known as the best and most reliable professional team in the area surrounding Costa Mesa, California.

We have the skills and experience to determine the cause of spills or backups in the wrong place, indoors or outdoors. The right equipment is a necessity. The equipment may consist of cameras, digging equipment and other tools which are available for more specific repairs. Our plumbing professionals have the training and tools to perform diagnostic work quickly and correctly. The plumbers hold all the needed certifications, licenses and insurance to do the work right the first time.

Once the problem is identified and corrected, there is another step which must be undertaken in order for the job to be completed. Raw spills and backups are not only smelly and dirty, but they also pose a risk to the health and well-being of animals and people who are exposed to it. The cleanup process done by professionals may involve various steps. Once we have removed the bacteria-laden effluent and water contamination by extraction and cleaning, we will apply appropriate disinfecting products to achieve a sanitary state. The result is a space which is clean, dry, safe and free of pathogens or organisms that could cause illness or worse.

Tweedy Plumbing has the needed experience and abilities to do clean-up and repairs of your entire plumbing systems. The company is respected among its peers for its high standards of quality. Tweedy works with home and business owners to satisfy the requirements for insurance claims.

There are many other services which our customers receive when they call us for help. We have the experience, tools and skills to take care of water systems, drains, water heater installation and gas lines, as well as mold remediation and water damage.

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