For most home and business owners, something to be dreaded is a water leak. Leaks in the plumbing system can create a number of problems with water. These include backed up drains and leaks of various types. Are you looking for slab leak detection In Costa Mesa, Do you need slab leak plumber in Costa Mesa? Tweedy Plumbing has the best most reliable slab leak detection in the entire area of Orange County California. Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Corona Del Mar, Newport Coast, Huntington Beach and Irvine are communities which are included in the Orange County service area.

There are various parts to the plumbing system, so leaks in any part of the system can be challenging. Some areas of the system are easily visible, such as an annoying drip in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom taps. Leaks that are more difficult to identify are slab leaks. This is the concrete surface upon which the house or other structure rests. In many cases, it forms the foundation of the building.

Early detection is particularly important when it comes to water leaks in your home’s foundation. If it is left undetected and unrepaired, leaks can eventually lead to thousands of dollars in water and structural damage to your home. Following are several indications which may show a homeowner or professional inspector that there is a problem.

There are several signs that may show that your home has developed flaws in the system. If you are experiencing a sudden and unexplained water bill inflation, or see water pooling where it should not be seen, it could be a sign of leaks in the water system, causing the foundation to settle. We will be happy to come and take a look at your structure if you are experiencing damp carpet or warped hard flooring.

Another sign that there may be water leaking is a smell. You may notice a moldy or musty smell. Sometimes, the mold becomes visible. If your water pressure drops, it could be the result of water leaking from the system, rather than reaching the taps. If you have a hot water heater which is running constantly, the hot water may be going out in places where it is unwanted. If you notice that areas of the floor have become hot, it could be that hot water is the cause. We can help to identify the cause of the leak and provide solutions quickly.

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