Many structures today are built on foundations which are essentially a smooth slab of concrete four inches or more in thickness. The concrete is poured over compressed dirt and or gravel. Are you looking for slab leak repair in Costa Mesa? Do you need repair services for a building’s slab in Costa Mesa or its vicinity? Tweedy has the most reliable and trusted service in Costa Mesa. The service is also instrumental in taking care of Irvine, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Corona Del Mar, Newport Coast, and Huntington Beach.

When there is a break in the piping which runs beneath the concrete foundation of the structure, a leak is a result. The break in the pipe causes water to seep into the ground and even can affect the foundation of the residence. The breaks in the lines may occur in sewer lines as well as in water lines. In either instance, early detection and repair are crucial to avoid costly repairs to the structure.

There are many different types of soil, and the soil type can affect the significance of any leaks. Expansive soil can heave if it becomes saturated. This soil can shift or move due to the saturation, which often causes serious damage to the foundation. The shifting can result in buckling, cracking and other problems. The damage may include both cosmetic and structural effects. Leaks inside the home may cause belongings to become damaged or destroyed.

A variety of techniques may be effective in repairing leaks, some of these are more invasive than others. It is important to choose a professional plumber who has the knowledge and experience to select the technique which is most effective. There are at least three methods which are commonly used to repair the piping. The first technique is to cut open the foundation and fix the pipe. This method is more common for fixing newer pipes.

The plumber may recommend repiping the entire line. This method is common in older homes where leaks are frequent and chronic. Another treatment is pipe coating, a method used when the pipes cannot be easily or effectively repaired by opening up the foundation. This technique fixes the pipe from within, using an epoxy pipe coating. Plumbing professionals will conduct inspections to determine the best way to resolve the problem.

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