Whether you have hardwood floors, vinyl floors, natural stone floors or carpeting, unexpected heavy moisture on the surface can constitute a serious emergency. The moisture can harm the floor itself and the underlying surface, as well as furnishings, appliances and the structure of the building itself. When you have leaks or flows where they do not belong, prompt and effective action is required. Are you looking for water damage restoration in Costa Mesa? Do you need clean-up and restoration services in Costa Mesa and the surrounding communities? Tweedy Plumbing & Restoration has the most reliable and trusted restoration service throughout the Orange County area.

When damages due to flowing or leaking waters occur in your home or place of business, an initial assessment is made to determine the category of water. Insurance and restorative pros will use the information gathered about the category of water and the extent of the damages to determine what procedures and equipment will be needed to restore the property to pre-loss or pre-existing status. Typically, problems with moisture are caused by clean, gray or black waters.

Clean flows do not pose a substantial health risk to humans and pets, but the so-called clean waters can become contaminated once it comes in contact with building materials, dirt or other materials. Rapid drying is the most significant response to this type of damage.

Gray waters can be harmful in themselves, as well as the cause of worsening conditions due to contact with other surfaces. If your washing machine hose breaks or the dishwasher springs a leak, the result is considered gray water. This type of leak can do the same type of damage as clean waters, but it also carries a higher risk of contaminants and destructive organisms.

Black waters are, by definition, highly unsanitary. They can contain pathogens, toxins and other harmful agents. Examples are seawater, surface ground waters, flood waters and even backflow from your toilet. Such damage usually happens when there are hurricanes, storm and flooding events.

The type of equipment and actions were taken by the professionals will vary according to the type of flow which is determined by the experts. Some of the steps involved in the process include assessment, development of an action plan, drying, removal of items and structural elements which are not salvageable sanitation, and replacement of items and structural elements which were destroyed beyond functionality.

Damages often occur suddenly and unexpectedly. Some would say that it occurs at the most unfortunate and awkward times. When you need help from a reliable water damage restoration company, you should call 949-645-2352 to schedule a service call today!