Slab construction is a popular option for homes that do not include a basement. A layer of asphalt or concrete is poured over leveled and compacted ground, usually with a gravel base and the house is built on top of these slabs. When leaks develop, it is important to contact a reliable contractor to fix the problem. Are you looking for slab leak detection in Costa Mesa? Do you need help with leaking slabs in the area surrounding Costa Mesa? Tweedy Plumbing & Restoration has the top professional and trusted leak detection service throughout the area which includes Costa Mesa, Corona Del Mar, Huntington Beach, Newport Coast, Irvine, Laguna Beach and Newport Beach.

Before undertaking the repair of leaks, the professionals will need to determine whether or not there are any leaks and where they might be located. Typically, a professional team will respond quickly with the skills and knowledge to identify whether in fact, you have water coming through the slabs on which your home is built.

Leaks in your slabs are the result of a break in a pipe which lies below the concrete foundation of your structure. When a pipe bursts, water seeps into the ground, as well as the foundation of the home. These leaks can occur in either sewer or water lines. When there is water as a result of the line break, the result can be costly damage, so early detection is vital.

Some of the signs that your pipes might be having issues include soft spots in the flooring. Pools of water may develop where there is more water than just a seep. If you observe a crack in the foundation it can be a sign of trouble. Mold or dampness on walls or other surfaces also indicates water where it should not be. Our professionals can respond quickly to home or business owners who are fearful of this type of issue.

Prompt response is important, irrespective of the type of plumbing issue. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to take care of a wide range of plumbing problems. These include plumbing installation and repairs, water heater installation, water damage restoration, and mold remediation. We do water leak detection and repair, as well as sewage remediation and drain cleaning and natural gas leak detection and repair.

If you are in need of slab leak repair in Costa Mesa, we have the solutions. Call 949-645-2352 to schedule a service call today!