While water is one of our most precious resources, it also holds the potential to cause a tremendous amount of damage when it invades your home. Even a small amount of water damage can snowball into a huge restoration project if it is not addressed quickly by water damage restoration professionals. After a flood in your home, you might be tempted to wait for things to dry out and then try to access the damage yourself.

But only trained professionals, such as the team from  Tweedy Plumbing, should be tasked with this process. Each of our employees is trained to look below the surface of the flooded area to ensure that our repairs address all of the water damage to your home. Please call us at (949) 203-5599 as soon as you discover water damage in your home. We offer 24/7 emergency service as well as same day appointments so that you can stop worrying and begin to put your life back together after this devastating damage to your home.

When you decide to leave water damage in your home untreated, you are likely to substantially increase the cost of the repairs and even place the health of your loved ones at risk. Below are several reasons why you should call the water damage restoration pros at  Tweedy Plumbing as soon as you find any water damage in your home.

Structural Damage

Almost every material used to build your home can be damaged by floodwater. The drywall and subfloor will absorb the water and can begin to split and deteriorate. And even the wood used to frame your home can be damaged by prolonged exposure to flood water. When this happens, your home could become unsafe for you and your loved ones. The only way to be sure that you are safe remaining in the undamaged portion of your home is to consult with a water damage restoration professional.

Electrical Damage And Safety Hazards

Your home’s electrical system is not designed to ever come into contact with any water. So when even a small part of your home becomes flooded, your electrical system as a whole could become compromised. Moisture in any of the wiring, outlets, and electrical boxes could create a life-threatening safety hazard. You should not use any electricity in your home until the structure of your home and the entire electrical system have been inspected by a professional. In addition, never use any electrical appliances that have been in floodwaters until they have been inspected and are free of water damage to the electrical components.

Health Hazards

Floodwater is known to contain a variety of harmful bacteria and microbes that can pose a risk to your health and that of your loved ones. It is not enough to wait until the water has subsided. Your home will need to be treated to kill the toxins. Or they will continue to linger in your home, furniture, and personal belongings that came into contact with the floodwaters.


Any time there is excess water in your home, mold is not far behind. It can take as little as 48 hours for toxic mold to begin to invade your home, furniture, and personal items. Once any mold is present in your home, it can require professional removal and abatement. If left untreated or treated incorrectly, mold can cause serious health issues and complications, including respiratory problems, ear and nose irritation, and other allergic reactions.

Bugs Love Water

Bugs and other critters are drawn to water and moist areas. This means that even after the floodwater has receded from your home, bugs are going to be swarming into your home. And these wet conditions are the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos, beetles, fleas, ticks, and spiders. The longer you wait to have the water damage corrected, the more bugs will hatch. This insect population will not only be annoying, but it will also increase the spread of bacteria and other health hazards throughout your home.

It can be very overwhelming to discover that your home has become flooded. But fast action on your part is the best way to manage the stress and expense of water damage restoration. Call (949) 203-5599, as soon as possible and know that  Tweedy Plumbing crews are available 24/7 to immediately begin assisting you in reclaiming your home. Our staff is trained to handle all types of water and flood damage in a professional and timely manner. And while we understand your desire to return to your home as quickly as possible, we will always focus on the safety and health of your family as our number one priority.

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