It’s no mystery the cost of living in Los Angeles is costly, therefore many Property Owners are looking into Additional Dwelling Units (ADU’s) as a way to help with some of their expenses.  And who could blame them, some ADU’s could generate enough money to offset your mortgage payment. But is an ADU right for you? And how would the plumbing work? Let’s explore.

One of the biggest reasons people turn down the idea of converting a garage or building an ADU is because there is no plumbing in the area they want to build. Bringing utilities to the location of your build is often a bigger task than the construction. And while it may not be easy to bring utilities over, most of the time it’s possible. We have that “if there is a will, there is a way” mentality. Sometimes we have to get creative, but usually we could make it happen. And of course, some applications are easier than others. For example, if we don’t have enough grade to install a new sewer-line, we may have to use a sump pump. Or if you don’t want to dig up too much of your backyard to replace an old existing line, we may have to bring out our trenchless systems.

So now you are wondering about cost, right? Well, that is where you would want to seek out an ADU consultant. The cost will vary according to size, accessibility and type of ADU or conversion. For example, if you decide to do a tiny house in a easily accessible back yard, that would be a lot less than doing a custom built home in a area where there is no room for heavy equipment to enter (like a backhoe for excavation). The plumbing cost will vary too, if we could tap into a nearby utility that would be ideal and a lot more affordable than having to tie in at the street.

We suggest that you don’t let the upfront cost of construction scare you. The ROI on a nice ADU could be substantial. If after you weigh the pros and cons, you decide you would like more info, make sure to reach out to a designer or GC to get some figures (make sure you tell them that having Tweedy Plumbing as Sub-Contractor is a Must ;)). And don’t forget to reach out to your City to make sure you plans are legal. And/or if you have some direct plumbing questions, we are here to help!

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