Trenchless Sewerline Replacement VS Excavation Sewerline Replacement

Just like anything else, your sewerline has a life expectancy. We often get calls from people who want to replace their sewerline because they have root intrusion, an offset in the line, or a negative slope in the line. All reasons you would need to replace your sewerline.  But when you’re ready to hire a plumber in Costa Mesa to replace your sewerline, you will find some contractors who offer trenchless replacement, while others offer traditional excavation replacement. What’s the difference? Trenchless uses a newer technology to sleeve in a new sewerline where your old one exists. There is very little excavation required, hence the term trenchless. The traditional way of replacing a sewerline in Costa Mesa is to excavate the old one out and put the new one in.

So which is better? Well, they both have pros and cons. The trenchless method is popular because it’s less invasive, which sometimes results in some cost savings. The cons with the trenchless replacement is that if you happen to have a poor grade or negative slope to the line, the new replacement will follow that grade and create a problem for you. Also, if your current sewerline is caved in or has excessive roots, the application will not work. The cons pertaining to a traditional replacement is that the old sewer line has to be dug up. This means there is a little more work involved and sometimes the jackhammer is needed to break some concrete. The biggest benefit of doing an excavation is peace of mind. When you create a trench to replace the old sewer pipe, you could rest assured that the new pipe will have the correct grade and there will be no surprises. Everything is exposed and will not only be inspected by the contractor but likely by the City as well.

Each application is different, and we suggest that you get at least two estimates for sewerline replacement in Costa Mesa. Any good plumber in Orange County will be able to give you a full breakdown of the method they plan on using to replace your sewerline. Also, when you get your estimate, make sure they are bidding on the same scope of work. Sometimes, the bid may not include some beneficial elements to the work such as cleanouts and permits. We hope this helps you make an educated decision when it’s time to decide on sewerline replacement in Costa Mesa.

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