Mold Remediation

We provide mold inspection and remediation services. Mold is one of nature’s chief decomposition mechanisms, and more than 1,000 species of mold can be found in the United States alone. If left untreated, mold will decay organic matter, such as cotton, leather, paper, drywall, and structural wood. Molds can grow on virtually any substance or material, as long as moisture or water, oxygen, and an organic food source are present. They reproduce by creating tiny spores that are too small to see with a naked eye, and those spores continually float through the indoor and outdoor air using air currents as transport. Mold spores are a major concern for professional remediators, because they are so small that they can be anywhere there is air, including under carpet, inside wall cavities, under kitchen cabinets, virtually everywhere.

Dependable Service

Our certified mold remediation technicians are trained and equipped to properly contain work areas and clean or remove moldy materials. Once the mold has been eliminated, we can make any necessary repairs to your structure, inside or out. Whether your walls need to be patched and painted, your cabinets need to be rebuilt, or your flooring needs to be replaced, we are here for you every step of the way. We are licensed General and Plumbing Contractors, which makes us your one stop rolling shop for all your mold remediation and restoration needs.

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