Sewage Cleanup

Safety is our number one concern regarding sewage cleanup services. There are thousands of different types of bacteria in sewage, some of which are pathogenic, which means they have the potential to cause disease. Bacterial spores do not easily become aerosolized when they are wet, making ingestion, as opposed to inhalation, the primary concern. However, once bacteria spores dry they can become aerosolized and could be inhaled. For these reasons all of our sewage cleanup and remediation technicians will be wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, and negative air machines equipped with HEPA filters will be set up as soon as practical. If your sewer lateral or drain line is still plugged and backed-up, please contact Tweedy Plumbing for assistance with clearing the stoppage.

Sewage Remediation

Sewage overflows have the potential to spread across entire floors of a structure, with inches of sewage or black water. In such cases, all occupants, including animals, should be relocated, and all affected contents should be packed-out and cleaned or disposed of as necessary. Building materials like carpet, hardwood flooring, baseboards, and drywall that have been contacted by sewage may need to be removed and inspected, to determine whether they can be salvaged.

Once we have removed the sewage contamination by extraction and cleaning, we will apply appropriate disinfecting products to achieve a sanitary state. When a sanitary state has been achieved and the odor is under control, it is time to dry the structure to the dry standard. Our team of sewage remediation technicians will work diligently to complete your project thoroughly and efficiently, in accordance with local health codes and building regulations.

scale of a House fully flooded during the flooding of the river
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