Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning in Corona Del Mar, Ca

Most homeowners are content to overlook a slow clearing drain as an issue that will fix itself. Unfortunately, that issue is a sign of worse things to come if you don’t take action. Inaction almost always makes the situation worse. Instead, the solution is a call to the drain cleaning professionals at Tweedy Plumbing. 949-647-4785 For over 40 years, our licensed plumbers have provided professional drain cleaning service to the residents with Drain Cleaning in Corona Del Mar, Ca. And because a clogged drain can happen at any time of the day or night, we are here 24/7. Just call our office at 949-647-4785 and know that help is on the way. Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured, so you never need to worry about the quality of our work or the warranty that stands behind it. Let us show you why for over 4 decades we have been the go to plumbers for Drain Cleaning in Corona Del Mar, Ca!

Common Causes Of Clogged Drains

Drain Cleaning in Corona Del Mar, CA is not uncommon. Most of the drains in your home were only designed to handle dirty water. However, most homeowners use their drains for water, and many other small items and particles that they think will magically wash away. But in almost every case, it is this accumulation of small foreign objects and debris that create drain clogs.

Even the most careful and conscientious homeowners will experience drain clogs from time to time. There is simply no way to avoid the build-up of residue in pipes that carry waste and dirty water. But the answer is not a caustic bottle of chemicals that can damage pipes and harm the environment. Instead, call 949-647-4785 at the first sign of a slow clearing drain for a professional drain cleaning. Our team uses nothing but pure high-pressure water to blast away the clog and residue that will form future clogs.


    Clogged Sink Drains

    Sink drains are meant to carry dirty water out of your home and into the city sewer system. However, today’s sink drains see everything from cooking oil and grease to moisturizing soaps and beauty products. And all of those oil-based products create a sticky coating inside the drain pipe. Over time, this residue traps stray hairs, food particles, and dirt to create a blockage that slows the water draining from your sink.

    As soon as you notice a slow draining sink, it is time to call in the pros. Never trust your drain pipes to acidic drain cleaners that rarely remove tough clogs but often damage pipes. High-pressure water is the only way to clean your entire drain and remove all of the clogs that could result in a flood of dirty water in your home.

    Clogged Shower And Tub Drains

    When you think about the function of a shower or tub drain, it makes sense that they get clogged from time to time. You are washing dirt particles off your body and sending them down a pipe that is covered in oily residue from soaps and shampoos. Then add in loose hairs and trimmings from shaving, and you can imagine the web of grime that is collecting inside your shower and tub drain pipes.

    Again, chemicals are not the answer to these clogs. To help prevent tub and shower clogs, place a small mesh screen in the drain to reduce the debris that is entering your drain pipes. But to be safe, plan on scheduling a proactive professional drain cleaning once each year. This cleaning is the best way to avoid standing in dirty water while you bathe and preventing costly water damage from a flood.

    Clogged Toilets

    When you discover a clogged toilet, you instantly begin to worry. The thought of dirty water and waste contaminating your home is stressful. If a quick burst of pressure from a plunger doesn’t correct the issue, a fast call to 949-647-4785 should be your next act.

    Toilet drains handle the most waste of any drain in your home. And that waste combined with toilet paper creates some tough clogs and residue inside the pipes. No chemical drain cleaning is going to remove those clogs and clean the nasty residue from the inside of toilet drain pipes. But a professional drain cleaning from Tweedy Plumbing will do both without damaging the pipes or leaving a lingering chemical odor in your home.

    Slow drains are a warning that should never be ignored. They are a reminder of all the dirt, waste, and debris that you are asking your drains to remove from your home. And also that it is time for a professional drain cleaning to remove small clogs and residue from inside all of the drain pipes.

    The high-pressure water jet we use to clean your Corona Del Mar, Ca home’s drains will scour every inch of each drain pipe. This reduces the potential for new clogs and eliminates the odor coming from drains. But the only way to properly and safely perform this essential tasks is with a professional drain cleaning system in the hands of a trained drain cleaning expert.

    Don’t let a slow clearing drain turn into a nasty clog and water damage. Call 949-647-4785 and schedule a professional drain cleaning from the pros you know you can trust. Our years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers are the testimonial we can offer. Let us earn your trust and business as a customer by providing you the best Drain Cleaning in Corona Del Mar, Ca!


    Regardless of the location, we know how problematic and stressful a clogged drain can be. That is why when you call on Tweedy Plumbing to schedule your clogged drain cleaning in Costa Mesa, we will prioritize your service call the best we can. With convenient and flexible scheduling options, we are sure we will be able to serve you at the time that is right for you! When we show up to your home, we will be equipped with the right tools for the job, and the knowledge & experience to get your drains flowing smoothly again. 

    We rely on much of our business by referrals from our previous customers. The service area is spread over the whole of Orange County. This includes the communities of Corona Del Mar, Laguna Beach, Newport Coast, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, and Irvine. Our team of professionals is able to assess the problem and provide solutions which are effective as well as affordable.

    When you are in need of drain unclogging in Costa Mesa, we have the answers. We will respond quickly if you call 949-645-2352 to schedule a service call today.


    We've used Tweedy plumbing many times over the past 7 or 8 years, & have never had any complaints. Excellent customer service, they always show up on time, they're clean & professional, and pricing has always been up front & honest. Highly recommended!

    Christina R.

    Newport Beach
    Extremely professional, helpful, and thorough! Tim from Tweedy Plumbing provided excellent service and solutions for our issues!! Would highly recommend Tweedy Plumbing for any needs!
    Everyone from scheduling to service were great. Honest, to the point, and knowledgeable. They were able to fit me into their busy schedule withing hours...SAME DAY!!! I would recommend them in the Newport Mesa are for sure. FYI- they replaced the pilot assembly kit/thermocouple in my GE water heater. Not an easy task as it requires dis-assembly and taking the heater pan out.

    Dan Palmquist

    Costa Mesa
    They are INCREDIBLE and so honest and helpful. I had a leak under my fridge.  They came out within the hour, didn't upcharge me for the emergency, and fixed the problem in 30 minutes. Honest and reliable .I will use and refer over and over again.

    Jenn F.

    Newport Beach