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When you need a plumber in Seal Beach, you are not only looking for someone who has experience and expertise in plumbing, but also for a company that you can trust for reliability, honesty, and integrity. Tweedy Plumbing & Restoration has been providing top quality workmanship and professionalism to the residents of Orange County for over 40 years. Our approach to business is to be the best at everything we do, and that includes the plumbing services that we offer as well as our customer service. Treating our clients with respect, appreciating their loyalty and the value of their time and fair pricing have made Tweedy Plumbing & Restoration the choice for complete quality plumbing service in Seal Beach. 

As a professional plumbing company, we offer all of the services that our clients need from cleaning clogged drains to repiping their home or installing brand new plumbing in a new home or addition. We offer regularly scheduled appointments, as well as 24 hour a day emergency service 365 day a year, because, by nature, emergencies can happen at any moment. But rest assured, we never take advantage of a customer who needs an emergency service call. We offer the same free estimate and fair rates that we charge for any of the work that we provide.

And finally, we want every customer to know that we hire only licensed plumbers who have completed a drug test and passed a background check. We believe it is our responsibility to screen employees and know exactly who we are sending to work in your home and near your family. We take this as seriously as we would the screening process for anyone we would allow in our homes because earning your trust and loyalty is what makes us successful. Please call us today to schedule an appointment to address any of your plumbing needs.


    Water Heater Repair and Installation

    We know that hot water is simply a necessity in your Seal Beach home. And when you suddenly discover that your water heater is not working, your entire routine comes to a stop. No one has time to wait days for a plumber, but a call to 949-647-4785 is all that you need to do to schedule same day service or even emergency service for a licensed plumber to come out and evaluate your water heater. 

    Most homeowners are surprised to learn that many issues can be fixed rather affordably and do not require an investment in a new water heater. Our factory trained professionals will provide you with a recommendation to fix or repair your water heater as well as a cost for both options. Then, with all of that information, you can decide which option is best for you and meets your budget requirements. And in the event that a replacement is your only option, our staff will provide you with options for a similar unit or an upgrade, depending on your hot water needs.  

    Honesty and integrity are important in the service industry, and we want you to be comfortable allowing our team members into your Seal Beach home and also when trusting their recommendations. We have built our business on a reputation for dependability, honesty, and professionalism so that we have customers for life, not just for one repair. Call us when you need an honest evaluation of your water heater and a fair price to fix or replace it.

    Clogged Drain Cleaning

    Clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing issues in all beach city homes. Kitchen sinks are often clogged by food particles and grease from cooking while bathroom sinks, tubs, and showers are clogged by hair that gets stuck in the residue left by many moisturizing body washes and shampoos. And unfortunately, many Seal Beach homeowners believe that dunking a jug of drain cleaner on top of the clog is all that needs to happen. But the result is often far worse than just the original clog. The harsh chemicals in over the counter drain cleaners are more likely to damage your pipes than they are to actually dissolve the clog. A better solution is a call to a professional drain cleaning pro. Our licensed plumbers will use skill and tools to remove the clog without causing any damage to your pipes or creating potentially hazardous chemical fumes in your home. 

    The clog that is often more serious and is can turn into a nightmare for a homeowner is a clogged toilet drain. Not only is this a more difficult fix, but to be honest, dealing with the potential mess that removing toilet clogs involve can be unsanitary without the right tools. When a minute with a plunger does not get your toilet drain flowing correctly, a call to 949-647-4785 can. Our professionals are prepared to remove the toilet and clear the drain using a snake or even a Hydro Jet if necessary. Clogs from too much paper, hygiene products and whatever else your three-year-old child flushed are no match for our professionals. Call us today for same day service in most cases. 


    The team here at Tweedy plumbing is proud to offer exceptional and competitively priced plumbing repiping services for Seal Beach properties. Our plumbing team takes pride in consistently exceeding customer expectations. Our plumbing repipe specialists are amongst the most skilled and experienced in all of Orange County. Call us today to schedule your free on-site estimate and to learn more about our plumbing repiping in Seal Beach.

    Leak Detection

    If you suspect a leak in your Seal Beach home, your first call should be to schedule a leak detection specialist. A leak in a faucet or shower might not seem drastic, but that annoying drip is a warning that something more critical could be about to fail. Replacing a leaking valve is far better than waiting until the water will not turn off at all and you need emergency service. 

    But the leaks that cause more concern are the ones that you can’t see. These leaks could be in the pipes or fittings in the walls, floors or ceiling of you home, and they could be the beginning of toxic mold that you don’t even know is contaminating your home and the air that you are breathing. Signs of these mysterious leaks include moist areas on the floor or in the drywall, puddles on the floor or a noticeable drop in water pressure. You might also begin to wonder about the possibility of a leak if your water bill increases for no explainable reason. 

    But the good news is that our leak detection specialists use the latest technology to locate leaks without tearing into your walls and floors. Not only does this make the process of finding the leak faster but also more cost-effective. Once the leak is located, our plumber will provide you with options and the costs to get the leak fixed and restore your peace of mind. Call today to schedule leak detection and to know that your home is safe from the dangers of toxic mold. 

    Sewer Line Repair

    When you notice that all of the drains in your home are clearing more slowly than normal, it is a fair guess that you have an issue in the main sewer line connecting your home’s plumbing to the city sewer main. And this is not the time to try do-it-yourself techniques to determine what and where the issue lies. As the damage worsens or the clog grows, the potential increases for you to discover sewage backing up in your Seal Beach CA home. The smart choice is to call today to schedule a professional to inspect your sewer drain. 

    The best part of this, other than no sewage in your house, is that we use the latest technology to investigate the issue rather than spending hours digging up the pipes in your yard. We insert a tiny camera into the pipe, and that provides us with clear images of the damage or blockage in the pipe. We can also use the distance that we inserted the camera to determine right were the issue is located. Worst case, we dig up a small section of the pipe to repair or replace it. 

    But the best case is that we are able to use trenchless sewer line repair techniques which eliminate almost all of the digging and greatly reduce your labor cost for the repair. In addition, there will be no unsightly “scar” in your yard where we trenched through the grass or landscape to make the repair. 

    Sewer line issues can become very serious, very quickly. But calling the professionals at Tweedy at the first hint of an issue is the best way to avoid water damage and the potential health risks associated with sewage backups in your home. Our same day and emergency service provide you with many options for scheduling a fast repair when you need it the most. Call 949-647-4785 to speak to our customer service representative today. 

    Emergency Plumbing Service

    Just as the name implies, emergency plumbing service can be very stressful. You never know if you will reach a person or just get a recording and be forced to wait for someone to return your call. But at Tweedy, we know that emergencies of all types require an instant answer to provide peace of mind that help is on the way. Our 24 hour a day emergency plumbing service line is answered by a real person who will get your information and get a licensed plumber dispatched to your Seal Beach CA home quickly. 

    Out fast response, professional service, and fair pricing are only part of what makes Tweedy stand out from all of the other plumbers in the area. Our fully licensed and insured plumbers pass a background check and drug screening before we permit them to enter your home. We know that trust begins with who we send to your home and extends to the work ethic that our staff demonstrates and the respect that they show for you and your home. We’re standing by to help for anything from a burst pipe in your floor, to a simple water heater repair.

    Call Us Today to Schedule Service

    We offer full plumbing service including everything from a burst pipe to water heater repair and septic service. And we do it on your schedule and at a fair price. We will be there for you during a plumbing emergency just as we would for an appointment that you schedule for a routine drain cleaning. We are certain that our entire staff will exceed all of your expectations for professionalism, courtesy, knowledge level, and punctuality. All we ask is that you allow us the opportunity to show you what superior plumbing and customer service should be. Call 949-647-4785 to schedule emergency plumbing service with Tweedy Plumbing & Restoration, and let us impress you with every aspect of our business.


    We've used Tweedy plumbing many times over the past 7 or 8 years, & have never had any complaints. Excellent customer service, they always show up on time, they're clean & professional, and pricing has always been up front & honest. Highly recommended!

    Christina R.

    Newport Beach
    Extremely professional, helpful, and thorough! Tim from Tweedy Plumbing provided excellent service and solutions for our issues!! Would highly recommend Tweedy Plumbing for any needs!
    Everyone from scheduling to service were great. Honest, to the point, and knowledgeable. They were able to fit me into their busy schedule withing hours...SAME DAY!!! I would recommend them in the Newport Mesa are for sure. FYI- they replaced the pilot assembly kit/thermocouple in my GE water heater. Not an easy task as it requires dis-assembly and taking the heater pan out.

    Dan Palmquist

    Costa Mesa
    They are INCREDIBLE and so honest and helpful. I had a leak under my fridge.  They came out within the hour, didn't upcharge me for the emergency, and fixed the problem in 30 minutes. Honest and reliable .I will use and refer over and over again.

    Jenn F.

    Newport Beach