Leak Detection

Leak Detection in Corona Del Mar, Ca

Have you noticed a spike in your water bill? Any smell of mold or mildew coming from your sinks and drains? Even if you may just have a leaky faucet or toilet, it’s best to call Tweedy Plumbing for a professional Leak Detection in Corona Del Mar, Ca. 949-647-4785 For over 40 years we have been serving and supporting the community with top notch Plumbing. As a full service plumbing company we make sure that each of our Plumbers are Licensed Technicians, and with same day appointments you can expect our Plumber to arrive quickly and on time to provide an honest assessment for your home. A quick call to 949-647-4785 is the only thing between you and the answers you need to rest assured your home’s plumbing isn’t in jeopardy. Potential water damage and costly repairs can be avoided by an annual Leak Detection in Corona Del Mar, Ca. Call now! 949-647-4785


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Types Of Plumbing Leaks

Leak Detection in Corona Del Mar, Ca is not uncommon. Contrary to what you might think, there are more than just bad leaks. There are also worse leaks. Bad leaks are the ones that you can see, the overt or obvious ones like a dripping faucet, hose, or shower. And while these leaks are annoying and can cause water damage to your home, they are not the worst leaks that you could experience.

The worst leak that can occur in your Corona Del Mar, Ca home is a hidden leak. These are the sneaky ones that are concealed inside the walls and floors of your home, or even under the foundation. Your only hint of the issue might be a large water bill or a loss of water pressure. But if you think that you might have a hidden leak, call 949-647-4785 immediately. The leak detection experts from Tweedy Plumbing will quickly determine if you have a leak and then provide you with cost-effective options to make the necessary repair.

Slab Leaks

Slab leaks have the potential to cause a considerable amount of costly damage to the foundation of your slab home. The reason that these leaks can be so expensive is that they are challenging to detect. In many cases, the leak has been eroding the soil under your concrete foundation for weeks or even months before you suspected that there was a problem.

Locating Slab Leaks

Finding a small leak under a concrete slab is not an easy task. But thanks to the latest in leak detection technology, Tweedy Plumbing leak detection specialists have a stellar track record. We use a combination of pressure testing and leak locating with sound amplification tools to pinpoint any leaks under a slab foundation. While our team makes this type of leak detection look easy, it is not a job for a handyman or something that you should ever attempt on your own. It takes years of training and practice to locate lets precisely and quickly.

Repairing A Slab Leak

In the perfect world, all slab leaks would be near the edge of the concrete. These are easy to excavate and repair from outside your home. But that is not always the case. For leaks that are not at the edge of your home, we can often reroute a new pipe in the walls or floor of your home and abandon the leaking pipe. This method also helps to eliminate the possibility of future leaks from that same pipe.

Our final option is to cut a hole in the foundation of your home to access and repair the leaking pipe. While this sounds very destructive, remember that our pros can pinpoint the location of the leak. So the hole we cut is relatively small. And once the repair is completed and pressure tested, we fix the concrete and clean up our work area.

As soon as you suspect that there is a water leak in or under your home, call the leak detection specialists at Tweedy Plumbing. Your fast action is the best way to limit the potential water damage and repair expense of any water leak. And by calling a specialist for leak detection in Corona Del Mar, Ca, you know that we will find the leak quickly. Our job is to find your leak and eliminate your stress as soon as we can. Call us today and know that by the end of our visit, your worries about water damage to your home and toxic black mold growth will also be eliminated.



    We've used Tweedy plumbing many times over the past 7 or 8 years, & have never had any complaints. Excellent customer service, they always show up on time, they're clean & professional, and pricing has always been up front & honest. Highly recommended!

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    Extremely professional, helpful, and thorough! Tim from Tweedy Plumbing provided excellent service and solutions for our issues!! Would highly recommend Tweedy Plumbing for any needs!
    Everyone from scheduling to service were great. Honest, to the point, and knowledgeable. They were able to fit me into their busy schedule withing hours...SAME DAY!!! I would recommend them in the Newport Mesa are for sure. FYI- they replaced the pilot assembly kit/thermocouple in my GE water heater. Not an easy task as it requires dis-assembly and taking the heater pan out.

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    They are INCREDIBLE and so honest and helpful. I had a leak under my fridge.  They came out within the hour, didn't upcharge me for the emergency, and fixed the problem in 30 minutes. Honest and reliable .I will use and refer over and over again.

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