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Water Heater Repair in Corona Del Mar, Ca

Does your hot water take minutes to come after you turn on your bath or shower? When you do this, do any strange loud sounds come from your water heater? Having to wait on hot water is troublesome enough, but this is the least of your worries if you sit on scheduling a Water Heater Repair in Corona Del Mar, Ca. Last thing a homeowner wants is to have to pay for a brand new unit. Call now 949-647-4785 To speak with a professional at Tweedy Plumbing to have all your questions answered. For over 40 years we have been serving the community with honest assessments and same day appointments. You can expect our Licensed Plumber to be on time and courteous on any job concerning Water Heater Repair in Corona Del Mar, Ca. Don’t wait, save your home and your wallet from any potential damage by scheduling proper maintenance today. 949-647-4785

With over 40 years serving the residents of Corona Del Mar, Ca Tweedy Plumbing’s reputation for providing quality plumbing services at affordable pricing is why we are rated the #1 plumber for water heater repair in Corona Del Mar, Ca today! 

Common Water Heater Issues

Having no hot water is undoubtedly the most common complaint we hear from our customers with a water heater issue. But the reason for their lack of hot water can vary. In some cases, the water heater is working correctly, but the power supply is the issue. It could be a clogged gas line or even a tripped electrical breaker. But the good news is that these are easy to fix. Other problems related to the water heater include a worn-out thermostat, heating element, or thermocouple. But again, all of these items can be repaired or replaced quickly and affordably.

Leaks are another common issue that we address. Most of the time, the leak is at a valve, fitting, or pipe connection. And we can make a simple repair or part replacement to eliminate the annoying leak. The only time a water heater leak is a significant issue is when the leak is in the wall of the holding tank. This is due to corrosion or rust and is not a problem that can be fixed. In these cases, the only safe solution is to replace the water heater.

Our last group of common issues is related to the quality of the hot water. Customers will call to ask why their water has an odd smell, looks cloudy, or has tiny particles in it. All of these issues are generally due to some contamination inside the holding tank. Cloudy water with an odd smell is an indication of bacterial contamination. We recommend turning the thermostat on the water heater to over 150 degrees to kill the bacteria. After the tank has reached this temperature, run hot water through all of the sink, tub, and shower fixtures in your home to kill any bacteria that has transferred to them. If the issue continues, draining and professionally cleaning the tank should eliminate any remaining bacteria.

Water with a gritty feel or visible particles is caused by sand, rust, or other mineral sediments in the holding tank. This is most easily eliminated by draining and rinsing the tank to remove any build-up. We recommend draining a traditional water heater tank once each year to avoid sediment build up, which decreases the efficiency of the heating element and can cause the tank to corrode or rust prematurely.


    Different Water Heaters

    There are two main types of water heaters used in a residential setting. The most common is the traditional unit with the large holding tank where water is heated. The less common type is called a tankless water heater. And as you might have guessed, it has no large holding tank. Instead, the water is only heated when it is needed, or on-demand as it is sometimes called. These units are smaller and can be placed throughout your home. Both traditional and tankless water heaters can be purchased in either a gas or electric configuration, depending on which utilities you have available.

    As a full-service plumbing company, all Tweedy Plumbing plumbers are factory trained to work on all types and models of water heater, in addition to any other plumbing issue that you might encounter. And unlike many plumbing companies in the area, our focus is always on providing you with the best information we can so that you can make a well-informed choice.

    In some cases, there is no safe or reliable way to fix an old water heater. But when there is a cost-effective repair option that will work, we are happy to help you save your hard-earned money. Our pledge to you is the best total service that you have ever experienced. And that includes the quality of our work and the level of our customer service. Call us today at 949-647-4785 for a reasonable price to fix your water heater.  


    We've used Tweedy plumbing many times over the past 7 or 8 years, & have never had any complaints. Excellent customer service, they always show up on time, they're clean & professional, and pricing has always been up front & honest. Highly recommended!

    Christina R.

    Newport Beach
    Extremely professional, helpful, and thorough! Tim from Tweedy Plumbing provided excellent service and solutions for our issues!! Would highly recommend Tweedy Plumbing for any needs!
    Everyone from scheduling to service were great. Honest, to the point, and knowledgeable. They were able to fit me into their busy schedule withing hours...SAME DAY!!! I would recommend them in the Newport Mesa are for sure. FYI- they replaced the pilot assembly kit/thermocouple in my GE water heater. Not an easy task as it requires dis-assembly and taking the heater pan out.

    Dan Palmquist

    Costa Mesa
    They are INCREDIBLE and so honest and helpful. I had a leak under my fridge.  They came out within the hour, didn't upcharge me for the emergency, and fixed the problem in 30 minutes. Honest and reliable .I will use and refer over and over again.

    Jenn F.

    Newport Beach