Drain Cleaning in Huntington Beach, Ca

Most homeowners dread the idea of a major sewer line repair or replacement. Not to mention the anxiety that surrounds the thought of irreversible property and structural damage to their home from the excess water or raw sewage that would saturate their home. Luckily there are ways to prevent this in advance. Call 949-647-4785 now to ask how Drain Cleaning in Huntington Beach, Ca is right for you. We at Tweedy Plumbing have been serving the community for over 40 years, and are confident in working toward 100% satisfaction for every one of our customers. Our licensed pros are standing by to take your call and help discuss any questions or concerns you have regarding your homes Plumbing. Don’t wait until it is too late for your home call now for the best Drain Cleaning in Huntington Beach, Ca. 949-647-4785


Common Causes Of Clogged Drains

If we were to be completely honest, the biggest reason we suffer a clogged drain is human error. We are just not diligent about keeping debris from washing down the drain. And the after the fact reaction to let the water run a few extra seconds in hopes that the offending particles make it out of household drain pipes is not very useful. 

What is actually happening is far from our ideal expectation. The tiny pieces of debris and hair are becoming stuck in the grime and residue that is lining the inside of most home’s drain pipes. And without regular professional drain cleanings, this goop begins to create a clog that will reduce water flow and eventually stop it altogether.

Some homeowners will be proactive when noticing a slow clearing drain. But rarely is that action a safe drain cleaning process. Instead, a jug of toxic chemicals is dumped down the drain in hopes of a fast and cheap solution to a growing drain clog. Sadly, more times than not, the drain cleaner is ineffective at removing the clog and could even begin to deteriorate the wall of the drain pipe. The only safe and sure way to eliminate drain clogs in your Huntington Beach, Ca home is with a call to 949-647-4785 to schedule a professional drain cleaning in Huntington Beach, Ca. The licensed plumbers from Tweedy Plumbing have been guaranteeing clean, clog-free drains to the community for over 40 years.


    When there are clogged drains, it is important to take action quickly to avoid further damage to the structure. Clogged drains may cause water to back up into the structure, causing actual deterioration of the structure of the building. The sight of soap scum, hair, food remnants or even worse spread across the interior of your house is not something you want to experience. Stop these harmful conditions from developing in their tracks and protect your property from potential water damage by keeping your drain lines flowing smoothly. 

    Clogged Sinks And Drains

    Sink drains are expected to handle a great deal more than just dirty water. In the kitchen, small bits of food and waste are rinsed from dishes and cookware, almost daily. And in the bathroom, bits of hair, soap, beard trimmings, and other debris are frequently washed down the drain. But rather than being rinsed free of your home’s drain pipes, these bits get stuck in the greasy residue that builds up in all drains. And while you might think that a liquid drain cleaner will eliminate a small clog that you catch quickly, that is never the case.

    Tub And Shower Clogs

    The residue in tub and shower drains is caused by the oil-based bath products and shampoos that we all love. Added oil and lotion are great for your skin. But the downside is added oily residue in your drains. And with modern shampoos and conditions providing moisturizers as well, your drains become coated with a nasty sticky film that snags every bit of debris and hair you are hoping to wash away. The solution to slow clearing tub and shower drains is simple. Don’t give up quality bath and hair care products, simply vow to schedule regular professional drain cleanings from Tweedy Plumbing and have the best for your skin and hair as well as your home’s drains.

    Backed Up Toilets

    Possibly the worst clog in any home is a clogged toilet. You jiggle the handle, hope, and wait anxiously to see the water and waste begin to disappear. But once the mess is gone, most homeowners are too quick to forget that instant worry. This is the time to call for a professional drain cleaning to eliminate the small clog that is forming in your toilet drain.

    Toilet clogs are especially challenging to remove because they are often comprised of paper products, trash, and other materials that were never meant to flush. Only biodegradable toilet paper should ever be flushed. All other products, even paper towels, and napkins wad up and form clogs rather than disintegrating like TP. Don’t wait until you have contaminated waste and filthy water backing up in your home to call 949-647-4785 for a professional drain cleaning.

    Drain clogs can be the result of improper use, but they are also somewhat inevitable due to the nature of drain pipes. Regularly scheduled professional drain cleanings remove the residue and scum that is created by the waste and dirty water that these pipes carry. You can eliminate the worry and costly damage of a backup in your home by scheduling an appointment with the pros from Tweedy Plumbing for a guaranteed drain cleaning in Huntington Beach, Ca.


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