Safety is our number one concern regarding sewage cleanup services. There are thousands of different types of bacteria in sewage, some of which are pathogenic, which means they have the potential to cause disease. Bacterial spores do not easily become aerosolized when they are wet, making ingestion, as opposed to inhalation, the primary concern. However, once bacteria spores dry they can become aerosolized and could be inhaled. For these reasons, all of our sewage cleanup and remediation technicians will be wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, and negative air machines equipped with HEPA filters will be set up as soon as practical. If your sewer lateral or drain line is still plugged and backed-up, please contact Tweedy Plumbing for assistance with clearing the stoppage.


Sewage overflows have the potential to spread across entire floors of a structure, with inches of sewage or black water. In such cases, all occupants, including animals, should be relocated, and all affected contents should be packed-out and cleaned or disposed of as necessary. Building materials like carpet, hardwood flooring, baseboards, and drywall that have been contacted by sewage may need to be removed and inspected, to determine whether they can be salvaged.

Once we have removed the sewage contamination by extraction and cleaning, we will apply appropriate disinfecting products to achieve a sanitary state. When a sanitary state has been achieved and the odor is under control, it is time to dry the structure to the dry standard. Our team of sewage remediation technicians will work diligently to complete your project thoroughly and efficiently, in accordance with local health codes and building regulations.

Sewage Cleanup FAQs

What Causes Sewage Backups?

Costa Mesa sewage backups are a grim reminder of the dangers of sewage contamination. Sewage contains harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness. coming into prolonged contact can be fatal which is why it’s crucial to have a professional sewage cleanup company take care of the problem immediately.

Tweedy Plumbing & Restoration’s sewage cleanup specialists utilize advanced equipment and methods to safely and effectively remove all sewage traces from your property. Our sewage cleanup services in Costa Mesa include disinfecting and deodorizing the area to ensure maximum sanitation. Here are a few of the most common causes of sewage backups:

Exploded Sump Pump

When a sump pump fails or gets overloaded, it can cause sewage to back up into your property through the drains. It can be a significant health hazard, but the water can also damage your floors, walls, and personal belongings. If you suspect that your sump pump has failed, it is vital to contact Tweedy Plumbing and Restoration immediately and avoid using any plumbing fixtures in the meantime. By taking quick action, you can minimize the damage caused by a failed sump pump to protect your health and property.

Breaking Of The Main Water Supply Line

While often overlooked and taken for granted, the sewage system is part of our daily living. When a sewage system fails, it can cause potential health risks and water damage to your property.

One of the most common causes of sewage damage is a line break from the water supply line, which can cause toilets to overflow and spill out disease-ridden sewer water. In addition, sewage can also back up into homes and businesses through drains and pipes, leading to contaminated drinking water, increased risk of disease, and costly repairs. You can prevent breaking off the main water supply by getting proper maintenance and quick action in a water line break or other incidents from our Costa Mesa sewage company.

Backed-Up or Aging Sewer Pipe

Another common cause of sewage damage is a backed-up or aging sewer pipe. When a line is blocked, it can cause an overflow of toilet and sewer water, leading to extensive damage to your home and even posing a health hazard. In addition to causing structural damage, sewage water can also contaminate your drinking water supply, making it unsafe to consume.

Raw sewage flooding is one of the most treacherous and costly forms of flooding. It occurs when stormwater or other runoff flows back into your home through the sewer system, mixing with sewage and creating a dangerous health hazard. Several things can cause raw sewage backups and floods, but grease and oil are two of the most common culprits.

When oil builds up in drains and pipes, it can eventually create a blockage. This blockage can cause water to back up into your home, eventually flooding raw sewage. In addition, large objects that are flushed down toilets or poured down sinks can also cause sewer systems to become backed up, leading to sewage flooding.

While Costa Mesa Plumbers are primarily known for repairing interior plumbing fixtures, heavily experienced plumbers can perform professional sewage cleanup services in Costa Mesa. When there is a sewage spill, our Costa Mesa plumbers can efficiently perform sewage services regardless of the cause. Additionally, all our Costa Mesa plumbers are equipped with extensive knowledge and proper equipment.

Why Should A Professional Clean My Sewage Spill?

Sewage spills can pose severe health risks to both humans and animals. If not cleaned up properly, sewage can contaminate drinking water supplies and spread disease, resulting in costly medical bills. In addition to creating unfavorable conditions for plant growth, sewage spills can be aesthetically unappealing and cause property values to drop.

The general plumber neither has the equipment nor the knowledge to safely and effectively clean up sewage spills that professional sewage services have. A Costa Mesa sewage specialist can promptly and effectively clean up sewage spills and provide preventive measures to avoid sewage issues.

If your home is suffering from sewage damage, it is vital to contact a company offering sewage cleanup services in Costa Mesa for an inspection. Our Costa Mesa sewage experts will be able to identify the source of the problem and employ the best course of action for clean-up and repairs.

Are All Sewage Spills The Same?

No two sewage spills are alike, but some commonalities can help us categorize them. The spill’s size, the type of sewage, and the location all play a role in determining the spill’s severity. A small spill in a remote location is less likely to cause widespread damage than a large spill in a densely populated area.

Similarly, spills that involve hazardous materials like chemicals or oil are more likely to cause harm than those that only contain water and waste. We can perform sewage cleanup services in Costa Mesa and assess the risks associated with each sewage spill by understanding these factors.

Sewage Removal

Every day, countless homes and businesses generate sewage that must be properly removed to prevent public health concerns. While most sewage is disposed of through municipal systems, some properties are not connected to these networks. It is essential to have a sewage removal plan for these properties. The first step is to determine the volume of sewage that will need to be removed by estimating the property’s daily water usage and assuming that a certain percentage will be returned as sewage.

Once the volume has been determined, a system for storing and removing the sewage must be implemented. It may involve installing a septic tank or connecting to a private sewer line. It is crucial to have the system regularly inspected and maintained by Costa Mesa sewage specialists to ensure optimal functioning. By taking these precautions, you can help protect your property from the potential health hazards of sewage.

Anyone who has ever dealt with a sewage spill knows that the cleanup process can be long and difficult. It is vital to remove all of the contaminated material, but it is also essential to disinfect the area to prevent the spread of disease. Tweedy Plumbing & Restoration provides extensive and efficient sewage cleanup services in Costa Mesa for residential and commercial properties.



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