Slab Leak Detection


Hidden leaks in a plumbing system can wreak havoc on a property resulting in thousands of dollars in costly repairs. Some of the issues related to water leaks include structural deterioration, mold growth, foul odors, and damage to personal belongings, carpets & hardwood flooring. There are various places within a plumbing system where a leak can occur but none are more critical than the dreaded ‘slab leak’. The difficulty in dealing with slab leaks as opposed to a leaky faucet or toilet is in locating the source of the leak. While the aforementioned leaks are visible to the naked eye, slab leaks are hidden underneath a 4-6 inches of concrete making them quite a challenge to locate, let alone repair.

This is why when faced with a potential slab leak in your home there is nothing more critical than finding a plumbing company that possesses electronic leak detection equipment. This state-of-the-art equipment allows for it’s operator to pinpoint the source of a leaking pipe underneath the slab without opening up the foundation! Tweedy Plumbing & Restoration is Orange County’s premier leak locating plumbing company. Not only do we possess leak detection equipment, we are staffed with highly-skilled leak detection experts that specialize specifically in slab leak detection in Costa Mesa!

If you suspect your home has fallen victim to a slab leak and you are looking for an affordable, reliable, and skilled leak detection company to locate and repair the leak, we are here for you!

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More on Slab Foundations

The term “slab leak” is used to denote any leak that occurs in a plumbing system that runs underneath a slab foundation of a building. A slab foundation is a common type of building foundation comprised by concrate and reinforced by rebar. The slab may be as thin as four inches and as thick as twenty inches. However, for homes built in Southern California we typically see 4-6 inch slab foundations.

How do you know if you have a slab leak?

There are several indications that a slab problem may have developed. If a leak in a hot water supply line occurs you may notice areas of flooring in your home are warmer than others. Unexplainable wet spots on carpets or flooring are also signs of a major issue. A significant decrease in your homes water pressure is another serious sign that you may have a leak in your plumbing system.

Slab Leak Warning Signs

  • An unexplainable and sudden hike in your water bill
  • Water pooling up on flooring
  • Buckled or warped flooring
  • Mold or mildew with no visible cause
  • Decreased water pressure
  • Hot/warm spots on flooring



    Slab leak detection is best handled by trained, licensed and experienced professional plumbers. At Tweedy Plumbing & Restoration, we have the equipment, experience, and expertise necessary to locate suspected plumbing leaks as well as to identify the best approach for repair. Acting fast will go a long way in saving your home from the destruction that a slab leak can cause. Avoid cracked foundations, destroyed wood flooring, mildewed carpet pads, and thousands of gallons of wasted water by calling Tweedy Plumbing to schedule your slab leak detection in Costa Mesa today!


    We've used Tweedy plumbing many times over the past 7 or 8 years, & have never had any complaints. Excellent customer service, they always show up on time, they're clean & professional, and pricing has always been up front & honest. Highly recommended!

    Christina R.

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    Extremely professional, helpful, and thorough! Tim from Tweedy Plumbing provided excellent service and solutions for our issues!! Would highly recommend Tweedy Plumbing for any needs!
    Everyone from scheduling to service were great. Honest, to the point, and knowledgeable. They were able to fit me into their busy schedule withing hours...SAME DAY!!! I would recommend them in the Newport Mesa are for sure. FYI- they replaced the pilot assembly kit/thermocouple in my GE water heater. Not an easy task as it requires dis-assembly and taking the heater pan out.

    Dan Palmquist

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    They are INCREDIBLE and so honest and helpful. I had a leak under my fridge.  They came out within the hour, didn't upcharge me for the emergency, and fixed the problem in 30 minutes. Honest and reliable .I will use and refer over and over again.

    Jenn F.

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